Tweets from Athletes: Stylez G. White

Advice from an NFL player. Sort of.
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April 7, 2011
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Then what, Stylez? THEN WHAT? You can't just promise wisdom and then leave us hanging!

Also, can we have more details? Like, where IS this magical club that hands out things like free drink cards? I pride myself on my willingness to drink anywhere and everywhere, but I've never once in my life been handed a piece of cardstock with the words "One Free Drink for Daisy." [Well, I don't think it would be on cardstock and it wouldn't have your name on it. Let's don't get carried away, Daisy. Just find out where to get the Free Drink Cards! -- Jane]

You mentioned that it may or may not come in the form of a coupon. [I think he means that she called it a coupon. And I'm not sure why I am so bent on accuracy here when I don't even know who he is and clearly he didn't think this much about what he wrote. But I'm experimenting (clearly) with commenting within posts. This experiment didn't work so well and may be deleted. --Jane] Does this mean I should start perusing those circulars that always clog my mailbox? Any more information you have about this would be much appreciated. Thank you for all that you do.

Stylez G. White is a defensive end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He changed his first name from Greg to Stylez in 2008 because he liked Stiles. Michael J. Fox's sidekick, in the movie "Teen Wolf." Follow him on Twitter.