Olympic Legend of the Day: Sharron Davies

Publish date:
August 23, 2012
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Sharron doing her thing back in 1979

Before Rebecca Adlington came along Sharron Davies was our most celebrated female swimmer after taking silver in the 400m medley in Moscow in 1980, but those games were bitter sweet for Sharon after it emerged the East German Petra Schneider who took gold had used performance enhancing drugs. Basically our Sharron was ROBBED!!!

She has since campaigned for medals to be reallocated to their rightful winners in similar situations but is yet to be successful in her own case despite Petra Schneider admitting her performance was 'heavily drug enhanced'.

Since retiring from swimming Sharron has appeared on numerous TV shows including Dancing on Ice, Question of Sport, French & Saunders, and of course one of my all time favourites, Gladiators.

Let's hope that one day the powers that be come to their senses and award her the gold medal she's had to wait over 30 years for. She certainly deserves it.

Picture Credit: Rex Features