Olympic Legend of the Day: Paula Radcliffe

Publish date:
August 24, 2012
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Paula Radcliffe

Our final Olympic legend of the week, Paula Radcliffe, has actually never won an Olympic medal. Being a fair-weather supporter of all things Olympic and with no real knowledge of long-distance running I was pretty surprised by this fact. I’ve probably just shown myself up, everyone probably knows this but surely it makes her our most successful athlete never to win an Olympic medal?

Also prior to learning this fact I found her rather irritating, now I feel bad. It certainly explains all those tears. Paula has won 20 medals across all competitions yet Olympic success has always eluded her. Injury struck back in Athens in 2004 where she went in as favourite for the gold and again this year in London.

Let’s hope this latest Olympic heartbreak hasn’t dampened her spirit. She still has much to celebrate and be proud of, she still holds the world record for the womens marathon. The icing might be missing from Paula’s Olympic cake but she’s still a legend to us.

Picture credit: Rex Features