"Daisy's Tight End" or" Necessary Roughness"? The Fantasy Football Finalists Are In!

Vote on your favorite, pretty please in our FIRST-EVER POLL!
Publish date:
September 2, 2011
nfl, advice, reader awesomeness, fantasy football, bad puns

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you guys, I mean, ladies, I mean people, for advice on what to name my first-ever fantasy football team. (Don't worry; I promise I'm not going to start writing about it. That much.)

As always, you were awesome and gave me some good suggestions. Thank you! Will you be so kind as to vote on your favorite so that I have a name before my draft on Saturday? (That's right; I'm spending Saturday night of Labor Day weekend participating in a fantasy football draft. LIVING THE DREAM, PEOPLE.)

Oh, and as always, thank you for all that you do.



PS: Below you will see a picture of me at last Saturday's preseason game BEING NICE TO THE OTHER TEAM'S FANS. Although actually what I said was, "Um, since you're the only Houston Texans fans here, do you mind if I take a picture with you?" They're from Texas, so of course they obliged!

P.P.S: Also, I'm including a picture of Campfriend since some of you seem to like him so much. You're welcome!