Cool Olympian of the Day: Lisa Dobriskey

Usually I’m the very last person who appreciates a sob story, but this isn’t the X Factor, this is the Olympic Games, and there’s more at stake then getting the chance to do a cheesy cover version and having a public spat with Louis Walsh.
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August 14, 2012
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Lisa Dobrinsky is a middle-distance runner who competed for Team GB in the 1500 meters final, but she’s also an inspiration of what the human body and spirit can overcome in the quest for glory.

Lisa Dobriskey

With just six months to go before the start of the Olympics Lisa was diagnosed with life-threatening blood clots on her lungs, news that should have signaled the end of her running career. Her specialist advised her to quit, but those words fell on deaf ears.

“That’s the worst possible thing you could say to me because it makes me even more determined and it was at that moment I really had a turning point. I decided no, I’m definitely not giving up on this and kept dreaming and kept believing, so I’m really grateful to be here.”

At every race Lisa now wears a pendant of St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes bought for her by husband Ricky to spur her on, and though she only managed 10th place in Friday's final, the fact she was able to compete at all is nothing short of extraordinary.

Picture Credit: Rex Images