Cool Female Paralympian of the Day: Stef Reid

Our final amazing female paralympian of the day is the multi-talented Stef Reid
Publish date:
September 7, 2012
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Our final paralympian of the day is…the amazing Stef Reid, a New Zealand-born track and field athlete (she has British parents), who lost a foot aged 15 in a boating accident in Canada.

Always sporty, Stef played rugby union before the accident, but had difficulties afterwards, as referees felt her prosthetic could injure other players.

Did this dampen her enthusiasm? Of course not – she went to Queen’s University in Canada to study Biochemistry and joined the track and field team there instead. Competing for Canada at Beijing, Stef one a bronze for the women’s 200 metres.

In 2010 she switched her allegiance to Britain. And lucky for us that she did - she nailed silver in the long jump for us earlier this week. Proving that she’s amazing at anything she turns her hand to.

Now the games are drawing to a close, who's your female paralympian pin up?