Cool female Olympian(s) of the day: Helen Glover and Heather Stanning

Not only are they GOLD MEDAL WINNING OLYMPIANS, they’re also a super-cool female team…
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August 2, 2012

Well who else were we going to pick for our amazing female Olympians du jour?

The lovely ladies bagged Team GB’s first gold yesterday for women’s pairs rowing, which means MORE WOMEN THAN MEN HAVE WON TEAM GB MEDALS… SO FAR. The weaker sex? Bah.

Anyway, back to our fantastic gold-medal winners. Heather Stanning, 27, is a captain in the Royal Artillery, and was released her duties to train full time. She might be sent back to Afghanistan September, so her amazingness doesn't just stop with her rowing technique.

Stanning was partnered up with rowing mate (mate - is that right?), Helen Glover in 2010.

Glover, a 26-year-old teacher, hadn’t stepped in a rowing boat before 2008. She was introduced to rowing through the National Lottery-sponsored scheme Sporting Giants.

When they were selected to the British team last month, Glover talked to the Guardian about her relationship with her team mate: 'Heather's incredibly strong, incredibly good technically and very, very reliable. I have got a clear idea of what I want, which is an ideal situation,' she said.

'What you want from a stroke person is ultra-reliability and it just gives you added confidence going into a race. The more you can rely on that, the more you can be sure that what you've written down the night before will play out on the water.'

Sob! Just wiping a sentimental tear away while I finish up.

Helen + Heather BFFs 4EVA