Cool female Olympian of the day: Jessica Ennis

Publish date:
August 8, 2012
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Jessica Ennis in the 100m hurdles at the World Championships last August

What can I say about Jessica Ennis MBE (surely soon-to-be Dame?) that hasn't been said before? That she is a supreme athlete is a matter of fact, but it is equally obvious that she's hugely popular with her fellow competitors - see her lap of honour after winning gold in the heptathlon on Saturday night. She took several bows hand in hand with the rest of the athletes who'd run in the 800m final alongside her and they all kept hugging and congratulating her showing how well liked she is in her sport.

In the past Team GB has been characterised by its noble attitude in defeat - 'mustn't grumble!' 'I'm really happy with fourth!' - the good sports of sport. But Jessica shows that you can be at the top of your game - literally leaps ahead of the field - and still be a dignified, classy winner, not gloating or rubbing your success in the face of your rivals, but accepting victory with a beaming smile and quiet pride in your own efforts and talents.

The heptathlon is an incredibly tough discipline - it's not enough just to be fast, or to be able to jump high, you have to do both, as well as being able to throw things really far. Jess can do it all and at speeds, heights and distances that would make her a real threat in the individual competitions.

She is among the many female athletes of Team GB who will hopefully inspire young girls to run faster, jump higher and throw further than they thought possible - to succeed and to do it in style.

Picture Credit: Rex Features