Cool Female Olympian of the Day - Jade Jones

She battled her way to win Team GB’s first ever gold medal in taekwondo and at just 19 Jade Jones is our youngest medallist in these games. In our book that makes her pretty cool.
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August 17, 2012
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What also makes her cool is her ability to deal with Gary ‘Walkers Crisps’ Lineker and his head-smackingly patronising questions in the evening round up. “So Jade, are you aggressive?” puzzled faced reply, “um, yeah.” Would he ask the same question to Jade’s bronze winning male team mate, Lutalo Muhammed? If he did I didn’t hear it.

I'm going to bet Jade could take Gary

Of course she’s aggressive Gary! Just because she’s a 19 year old girl doesn’t mean she’s going to make her entrance on the mat stroking a kitten!

The aggression that Gary Lineker can not comprehend is exactly what her grandfather Martin spotted in Jade at the age of eight. He introduced her to taekwondo as a means of channeling that aggression properly.

And despite the phenomenal achievement of a gold medal in her first adult Olympics Jade believes her best is yet to come,

“My coach thinks the amazing thing about me is that I’m doing so well but I’ve still got so much to give. I still make loads of mistakes and I can get so much stronger, my muscles aren’t fully grown yet.”

Let’s hope she’s right and can bring home more medals in Rio!

Picture Credit: Rex Features