OPEN THREAD: Can You Believe The Patriots Signed Tim Tebow?

Just when we thought all hope was lost for Tim Tebow, he signs with one of the NFL's best teams. Personally, I'm shocked.
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June 11, 2013
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Ever since Tim Tebow was released by the Jets, football fans been wondering where he’ll land next. Some thought perhaps he wouldn’t even find an NFL team willing to put him on their roster since the Jets were unable to find anyone to wanted to trade for him at draft time. There were jokes about him joining the CFL or the Arena Football League. Instead, he’s being signed by one of the NFL’s (and God, it kills me to say this) best teams: The New England Patriots.

Rumors are already flying about where Tim Tebow will fit in on the Patriots. After all, the left-handed quarterback who basically no one believes in anymore (except, GOD, obviously) is now on the same team as Tom Brady, one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. So clearly Tebow’s best option is to play back-up to Brady.

My initial thought was perhaps the Patriots will try to use Tebow on running plays (a la Colin Kaepernick when Alex Smith was still starting for the 49ers), but I can’t actually see that happening. Tom Brady is just too good of a QB to take him off the field. Plus, we all saw what happened with the Jets tried to do that with Tebow and Mark Sanchez

There are a ton of people saying that Tebow will play tight end, but ESPN is saying that is NOT the case and that Tebow is signing as a QB and has no interest in changing positions. Also, although the Pats are definitely shorthanded at that position, I just don’t see Tim Tebow being the answer. I mean, he is a good athlete and maybe he can catch the ball and make big hits, but why risk it? There has to be a better alternative than Tebow at tight end, right?

Regardless of which position he ends up playing, what will be amazing to watch is the media circus that is sure to surround him. The NFL’s two pretty boy quarterbacks on the same team. Although, for the record, I don't find either of them attractive.

It’s interesting that the Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick (who I also can’t stand, for the record) is willing to take Tebow on, if only because Belichick is not a huge fan of drama off of the field. However, clearly Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, the guy who traded up to draft Tebow in the first round in 2010, managed to convince Belichik that he was worth the risk/implied drama.

As many have pointed out, if any team is going to get something out of Tebow, it will be the Patriots. But, as far as I can tell, based on my informal poll of friends who like the Pats, fans are not convinced.

In fact, the second the news broke, I thought about going to my Patriot fanatic friend’s Facebook Wall to make a cruel joke, but then decided it was just too soon and too mean. Seconds later, I received this IM from her: The Pats just signed Tebow -- you can commence your laughing.

So I did.

And most people on Twitter seem to feel the same way:

Of course there are some people who are excited about Tebow joining the Patriots but those people are morons so their tweets don’t get included. What does get included is this video from Tebow’s new teammate Rob Gronkowski playing “Fuck, Marry, Kill” -- saying he’d “F Tim Tebow to take his virginity.” Wish we could put a camera in the locker room to see those two interact.

Overall, this is going to be a shit show with tons of people hypothesizing about what this signing means. Ultimately, none of us will know until we see what goes down in training camp. Tebow better pray things go his way though because this could very well be his last chance in the NFL.

What do you think about the Patriots signing Tim Tebow? Let’s discuss in the comments. Or just tell me how your day is going if you don't care. Whichever!

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