you are the advice columnist
Not that anyone is particularly good at it. But still, I think I'm worse than most.
Imagine being asked to complete a survey in which you were asked to rate 13 characteristics commonly associated with masculinity. In a pair of studies, research teams recently did just that.
I met the man of my dreams, but people only care about the size of my rock.
The asshole jar is a reminder of what I’ve wrongly settled for in the past, and what I won’t stand for in the future.
I'd rather see a billion photos of your brunch over a post-coital selfie.
How do you remind yourself to not compare your relationship to other people's? Probably starting by not reading stupid surveys about romance, I guess.
What about the bad girls in history, who are notorious for their sexy, shocking, and sinister deeds?
I broke a guy’s heart AND stole his Yo MTV Raps Bel Biv Devoe card.
thought catalog
It’s a highly sensitive topic for us, and one that’s taking a lot of effort to work through.
rock bottom
gay marriage
How to keep having sex even though you're living together.
you are the advice columnist
unpopular opinion
I've never understood this concept that our lovers are supposed to "give" us an orgasm, like a present in a nicely wrapped box, and that if they don't, they're a “bad” lover.
sex, sex, sex ... and love
What if, in the midst of yelling at each other about the way one of you flosses your teeth too frequently (or not often enough), you pause and realize this isn’t really about flossing technique at all, it’s actually about control issues you inherited from your mother?
getting pregnant
It's not that I actually think fetuses are the same as parasites. But I kind of do.
I am taking a long, uncomfortable look at my financial relationship mistakes, so you know exactly what NOT to do.
You know, like to see if they're into you enough to get jealous, or something petty like that? I do -- or I have -- but I'm reading a book that's making me feel way less bad about it.
I'd never noticed before that I had been doing most of the heavy lifting when it came to dating. But when I tried to let men take the reins, they took it as rejection or disinterest.
you are the advice columnist
in the closet
I learned that I could identify as gay on the inside, and that was safe.
almost boyfriends
I probably didn’t make up the term for or concept of the not-a-boyfriend but have had many in my life, I can provide a great definition for who they are.