WWJD: Jane Tells You What to Text Your New Crush

What are your (better) ideas?
Publish date:
December 10, 2014
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Here is today's question. It came in before I had had any caffeine this morning, so that's my excuse for why I overlooked the initial part of the question where this sweet reader said she wants the guy to fall in love with her and I assumed she just wanted sex.

And though we texted back and forth for a few more minutes after this, I couldn't come up with the right wording for exactly what she should text this dude-she-loves. Any suggestions from you here are very welcome and appreciated already. Have you sent someone a text that just really worked to help make him/her fall in love with you? If so, she would love to hear it.

Feel free to disagree with my advice, my stance that not everyone wants more than great sex, or tell her the question is ridiculous (Olivia, for example, says no text can achieve this). Help her (and me) out in the comments below! Thank you!