Why I Think Internal Condoms Are Better Than Standard Condoms

Fruit seems to be a part of all sex education classes.
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September 20, 2014
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I wish that while boys in school were being taught how to roll standard condoms down over bananas, girls were learning to properly use the internal condom (commonly called the female condom) -- maybe by, oh, I don't know, inserting them into cored apples since fruit seems to be a part of all sex education classes.

Educating young women in an equal but personalized way for protection during sex makes a lot of sense. Learning about the internal condom would put the power and choice into girls hands -- by preventing pregnancy and also by giving them their own form of protection against sexually transmitted infections.

Of course, first there would have to be sex education for adolescents in all American classrooms -- what a great day that will be.

Until then, we'll have to talk about why I think internal condoms are better for women than standard condoms right here.

Personally speaking, I've always had a love/hate relationship with standard condoms. You don't have a lot of control and there's always worries:

  • Did he put it on right?
  • Is it going to break?
  • Is it still on?!

In the past, I've had all of those issues realized while having sex using standard condoms.

Meanwhile, the biggest problem I have with internal condoms is that they are a bit pricier. They can also be harder to find. If they ever become more popular, both of those issues will be resolved.

Of course things can still go wrong, but the best way to prevent issues is by practicing first. I researched and practiced quite a bit when I first started using internal condoms since I'm not a doctor or a sexual health expert. Here's what I found out through my research and personal exploration.

Internal condoms can make sex more titillating.

I never thought wearing a condom would make me more aroused, but that was before I tried the internal condom. It came as quite a surprise that the "trash can liner" or "crinkly bag" -- as internal condoms have gotten a reputation for being -- can actually increase arousal once you get the hang of it.

Why? Two words: clitoral stimulation.

The internal condom has two soft rings on either end. The smaller one one goes up by the cervix. The larger ring rests just outside of the vaginal opening. During intercourse, that larger ring tends to "tap" gently against the clitoris.

This feels like magical sex fairies flapping their wings directly on your happy place. Angels may or may not sing while this happens.

Female condoms take practice.

When I first bought a female condom I was so curious, I took it right out of the packaging as soon as I got home. I must have looked like a dog seeing itself in the mirror for the first time -- I was totally perplexed.

After looking at the instructions and exploring how to put it in and take it out by myself -- with the help of some decent lube and my vibrator -- the internal condom became no big deal. If you can insert a tampon, you can use an internal condom.

FYI, one of the most important things I learned with my investigating was that internal condoms only make crinkling noises if they don't have enough lube in and around them -- so put a good amount of lube on the outside and lots on the inside. Lube up yourself first, then insert the condom, then put lube in the inside.

By the time I tried it out with my boyfriend, I was confident and excited, so he wasn't bothered about a change in protection at all. In fact, since, he wasn't the one having to put on a condom, it was a bonus for him.

Internal condoms put the power in your hands.

There will always be that guy who has every excuse in the book for not wanting to wear a condom -- a literal dick move. The internal condom is a great way to shut him up, while still getting it on.

Is he allergic to latex, yet doesn't think to carry any back up method? No problem, internal condoms are made from latex-free polyurethane and nitrile.

Is his dick too big for regular condoms? Oh poor baby! Good thing female condoms are big enough to stuff two full bananas into.

Does the big bad condom make his shy penis sad and soft? No worries, he can feel like a naked Neanderthal by going bare, while you're protected from being impregnated or infected by him.

Power be with you, vagina-havers.

Fun fact: Many gay men have also started using internal condoms as they provide a strong barrier for anal sex. Plus they still work great for all of the above excuses.

Internal condoms have already saved the US government over 8 million dollars.

Even the American government likes internal condoms -- well, technically, researchers and women in Washington, D.C. are the ones who have a newfound appreciation for the internal condoms.

Here's why: There was a test project that provided high-risk women with free internal condoms and education on how to use them to see if their risk of becoming infected with HIV would be lowered.

The project's findings were fantastic; the study concluded that for every dollar spent on condoms and education, twenty dollars was saved in future medical intervention. That's where that 8 million dollars comes in -- that how much was saved during the one year of research alone. Read about this study here.

So, have you used an internal condom before? Would you try it again, if you could get it for free? You probably can if you live near a Planned Parenthood or if you live in New York City.

Even if you have to pay, isn't better, more empowering sex worth it? Tell me about your experiences in the comments -- or ask your questions and I'll try to answer them.