What's The Definitive Word on Joint Email Accounts?

Because I'm seeing a lot of them lately.
Publish date:
September 27, 2013
joint email accounts, for serious

The crusty-ass street lamps on my block are getting a new coat of paint and people are beyond hype about it. Our new neighborhood's email listserv, which I joined only to seem more like a grown up, is abuzz with praise for the local government and the painting crew which "also did the light posts in Georgetown." This is my life now.

Anyway, as I was perusing the email addresses in an attempt to 1) see what jobs my block-mates have and 2) spot the addy "caramelcutie99@yahoo.com" then spend the rest of the day guessing which octogenarian it belonged to, another message came in the 'serv that was even better. It was from "LucyandRicky@poweredbylove.com." Seriously! OK, not the "powered by love" part, but close.

I felt so strongly about this and Miles my pug felt so apathetic about it that I had to tweet.

And you guys, NO ONE retweeted me, which in my mind means absolutely no one agreed with me. Are couple emails cool again? Were they ever? Add to that the fact that not one hour later I got yet another chimera email. It came from a friend of mine who actually runs a business with her wife, so it makes perfect sense that they'd share an addy, but still! It was like the universe was trying to tell me something. And by something I mean, shut the hell up.

That same day a group of my friends sent out an email that included both me and my boyfriend Ike's email addresses -- since we maintain our own identities online and off, thank you very much -- asking whether or not we all wanted to go to some booze cruise.

As I was writing our response because I'm the decider, I remember drifting to this thought: "Wouldn't it be easier if this email just came to one collective address?" Then I slapped myself back into reality before I registered the account "IkeandHelena4EVAbitches@baskinourglory.edu."

I wont even get into the friend I have who shares a Facebook account with her husband -- and yes all they do is post pictures of their adorable children which obviously sends me into an hour-long procrastination rage because obviously I can't not click through a thousand pictures of Carl Junior's first day of kick boxing lessons.

I won't get into that. Instead I want to know if couple email addresses are a thing of the future. Is it so dorky that it's really cool? Do any of you guys have a chimera account? And if, so what kinds of emails are you sending out? Dinner party invites, birth announcements? Grown up stuff?