A Very Not-FDA-Approved Guide to Sex on Recreational Drugs

If you're in the right mindset, a little bit can go a long way in terms of relaxation, which in turn, increases lubrication and ability to orgasm.
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April 13, 2012
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It's Advil, but it photographs nice.

Recreational drug use is a part of every culture. Addiction and abuse are different animals, but I believe there's a time in the lives of a lot of women when it's normal to experiment with drugs. We usually refer to this time period as "college," but some of us try controlled substances for the first time in our 20s and 30s. Experimenting with drugs and sex simultaneously is some next level shit, though. Sex, itself, is a drug -- it alters your brain and body chemistry and, like weed, can make you act stuper stupid (if it's good enough!). But if you've ever had sex tipsy, you've had sex in a chemically altered state.

Sometimes a few glasses of wine or bong rips or a tab of E can make things more intense -- and not always for the better. Sometimes it heightens things. But other times, it's way worse.I've had sex high on different recreational substances, and some of it I don't regret. (But I'm not an addict -- I don't do and won't be addressing "hard drugs" like, say, heroin or crack.)

If you're in the right mindset, a little bit can go a long way in terms of relaxation, which in turn, increases lubrication and ability to orgasm. I think most of us agree that for non-addicts, a joint is as harmless as a glass of wine, and few of us can summon shock anymore when friends use their leftover wisdom teeth painkillers to take the edge off a long plane ride.

I won't advocate having sex on drugs here, but I will give you a sense of what it's been like for me. Consent in all these situations was given beforehand on both sides of the equation: There should be no ifs, ands, or buts about this.Sex on Weed:Relaxes muscles – SexyMakes you anxious and paranoid – Not SexyHeightens sensitivity – SexyCauses Dry mouth – Not SexyInhibits gag reflex – SexyCan eventually lower testosterone and estrogen – Not SexyNot terrible. The only thing that's really bad is the prolonged use affecting your sex hormones. But if you wanna fuck baked, the main thing to make this a positive experience is that you must get in the right mindset first. Read more here.Sex on Alcohol:Social lubricant – SexyAlcohol breath – Not SexyCauses Erectile Dysfunction – Not SexyCauses Exhaustion and Dehydration – Not SexyConclusion: Be drunk but not too drunk. Having sex drunk with a drunk partner can be great, but watch out for the perils of whiskey dick and clit and drink a lot of water.Sex on Cocaine:Heightens arousal – SexyCauses Erectile Dysfunction – Not SexyCauses Hyperactive Paranoia – Not SexyCan't relax nor fall asleep – Not Sexy

So, of the drugs I'm listing here, coke is the hardest and probably the most socially frowned upon. I've done coke like four times, each time less fun than the last, and in retrospect was way more about the idea of doing it than the drug itself.

It's cool to have limitless energy, but putting that into an intimate experience doesn't seem to enhance it, and I'm not even sure it works at all. The only good use of cocaine that I can think of is to enhance your personality for a reality TV show, so there's always that. Read more here.Sex on Ecstasy/MDMA:Increases arousal, intense pleasure – SexyInhibits orgasm – Not SexyDecreases levels of lubrication – Not SexyThis is probably the most famous of drugs to bang out on, but for me, it definitely doesn't enhance the experience, and again, I think if you're gonna do this drug, just experience the drug. If you're going to experience sex, just experience sex. If you take some E, just go to a concert or a planetarium. Read more here.

Sex on Mushrooms:

Heightened pleasure – Sexy Increases levels of lubrication – SexySevere mood swings and intellectual tangents – Not Sexy

I've found on shrooms that there's no specifically genital horniness but, rather, general body horniness. One my boyfriend ate me out a little bit, and I just watched him without really feeling it. I remember thinking it was amazing and animalistic, mouth-to-genitals, but I couldn't really sit back and get eaten out. It has very similar effects to X. I think if you do shrooms, and you want a sexual experience, just get naked and make out. Read more here.