Twitter Blind Date is a feature in which we send two singles out and make them live-tweet their impressions of each other.
Publish date:
August 8, 2014
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Twitter Blind Dates are back! If you missed it like three years ago, TBD is a feature in which we send two singles out and make them live-tweet their impressions of each other.

The Rules:

1. No talking on the phone or meeting up pre-date. Googling each other is acceptable.

2. No adding each other on Twitter before the date.

3. While on the date, remember to stop and tweet. No talking about the content of your tweets.


I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to make some internet savvy people fall in love, or at least say some funny stuff. I'd like to introduce you all to two phenomenal Internet personalities, Lise and Dan:


I'm a tech/lifestyle publicist at the greatest PR firm ever. I’m extremely outgoing with an affinity for nerdy things like puns. I like to spend time going on food adventures, reading and exploring the city -- I’ll walk whenever I have the time and the right shoes.

I go for tall, all-American guys who are intelligent, have a spirit of adventure, and a tremendous sense of humour. I’d love to meet someone I’d consider dating for a while -- the city is so much more fun with a sidekick you enjoy making out with.

My idea of a perfect date is grabbing drinks and apps somewhere, preferably somewhere low-key where service isn't too rushed so there's time to chat.


I am Dan. There are many Dans out there, but this one is me. I'm a writer of things, producer of other things, and voiceover actor of yet other things. Somehow I have no "young man" taste -- I like hyperactive boy things like action movies, cartoons, and milkshakes or old man stuff like fancy whisky, modernist literature, and well appointed/designed rooms. I have a sententious vocabulary (as evidenced by the use of the word sententious), a brain full of useless trivia and no good way to use it, and I've been very tall my entire life which has had some effects on my personality but I have yet to fully suss those out.

As far as a partner goes, I suppose I'm looking for that proper balance of the similar and the opposite. It'd be nice to talk with someone who shares a degree of empathy with my enthusiasms and neuroses, plus understands that I'm a cavalier talker about bullshit both substantive and not. Also, and this might ask a lot, I'm not the warmest or most open person and I'd like to learn from a lovely example. Basically, someone to engage the parts of my personality I like the most and the parts that I wish I used more. Plus, y'know, sex bomb.

I'm a low impact hang-outer, so my usual dates are of the drinks and conversation variety. Those who chose to go the multi-activity route and, I don't know, climb mountains or sky dive or apprentice with a haberdasher confound me. My perfect date would be one where personalities shine and I can look her in the eyes and be like, "Hey, sup, your eyes are really pretty and your opinions are interesting."

The Date


Lise: I'm so relieved, the date went way better than I'd expected! I had a great time with Dan, as the conversation was spontaneous and easygoing, we talked about matzo ball soup, ancestors with terrible foresight, and Woody Allen movies all in a span of ten minutes.

Spuyten Duyvil was the perfect bar to meet at because it was lively without being crowded. We initially picked seats on a tall tiny stage in one of the front windows -- Dan ended up sitting right under a painting of Jesus which was definitely an unusual set-up.

I kind of lost track of time and we both ended up Tweeting when one of us got up from the table or taking quick timeouts. I'd probably have had more to say if the date had been boring or terrible, but I'm not complaining. I also really appreciated Dan putting up with taking a million selfies to get one that was Tweet-worthy.

At the risk of being publicly rejected on the Internet, I'd like to go out with him again -- maybe I can talk him into seeing "Sharknado 2."

Dan: I thought it went very well. Blind dates get a bad rap but it was cool to get to know someone from square zero. Lise is a very fun date, and an interesting person. A cutie for sure, even if not the type I usually go for (arguably a good thing). There was immediate kinship but maybe not that deep spark that may or may not exist in general. She also enabled my pun game, a plus.

Maybe the drinks made us slip some stuff we shouldn't have said out loud -- I'm embarrassed by some of the things I discussed. I'm generally apprehensive about saying someone is "the one" or talking about how we were "vibing" after only a few hours of being acquainted, so I'll pass on playing a romantic soothsayer. But after many recent dates that rank somewhere between catastrophe and Pompeii it was good to spend some time in intimate conversation with someone I enjoyed learning more about.

As of now she was just cool enough of a person that I would like to get to know her more, regardless of romantic outcome. I look forward to seeing her again.

So?! What did you guys think? A success? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments! Also, if you want to be set up on an xoJane Blind Date, email me at I know I'll get someone married sooner or later...