xoJane Twitter Blind Date San Francisco: Scott and Emily

Welcome to the xoJane Twitter Blind Date, where we send two singles out and make them live-tweet their impressions of each other.

The Daters:

Scott, 28, is a graphic designer and self-described "hipster with a job" who loves The Who and is looking for a woman with a great sense of humor who isn't taller than him. He once went on a date with a girl who told him she tripped out on acid and realized that she was a space alien. So, pretty much anything other than that is perfect.

Emily, 26, does policy support for an Internet company and is a "geek" who writes about Japanese anime/manga/videogames on the side. She is looking for a "good communicator" who will meet up for coffee or food, since bars are too noisy and at a movie you don't really get to spend time together.

The Date:

The Conclusion:

Emily Says: "I'm pretttttttty sure we both had a lot of fun. It was definitely the best blind date I've ever been on, and it's still always surprising when you feel that way. You can never count on anything for obvious reasons, but between the food and the company, everything was about as good as it gets for a first date. From what we talked about there seems to be enough overlap in interests to hang out more; we tentatively already said we would, although he needs to answer his email if he actually wants to do that :P

Side note about tweeting specifically—I volunteered because I like blind dates, but even more because I like tweeting. Since I did this with my account that I use every day there was a built-in audience and some of my friends and followers actually got really into it. I had people tell me they want us to tweet the whole relationship—"#xojanedate Season Finale Shocker!!!"

Scott Says: Blind dates are weird, for sure. Blind Twitter dates are even stranger. With that said, I feel like the date went pretty well. The beginning of the date was a little awkward for both of us (understandably) but I think we really hit it off while we were waiting for the restaurant to call. I felt like the conversation flowed pretty easily as Emily has many interests and is super passionate about these things, which I find interesting. Although I can't say that it was a match romantically, I did have a great time getting to know Emily and feel like I've made a new friend in the Mission. It's not her tiger hat, it's me.

If you'd like to go on a Twitter date (especially if you're a man, they're much harder to find), email madeline@xojane.com with your age, sexual orientation and location.