Hi. We Are Doing Another Google Hangout Today at 1 p.m. EST About Relationships So Tell Us What You Want Us to Talk About

OK so I haven't checked with anyone about this, but I kind of want us to have a TOKEN MALE as part our Google Hangout. You think we could loop in a dude reader?
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June 28, 2013
relationships, google hangout

Hi! We're doing another Google Shitshow -- er Google Hangout -- today at 1 p.m.!

We'll post the results later, but it will way more fun if you are there in person giving us questions.

We are doing RELATIONSHIP questions because y'all wanted to talk about that.

Makes sense because I think it's pretty clear we all know what we're doing there.

And if you are a dude or you know a dude who could Google Hangout us with us (I don't know if anyone will let us do this but I'M A RULEBREAKER so I'm just asking here without checking with anyone first), let us know! We can loop you in (****MAYBE), and you can be all like, "What? No seriously, what to the what?" So let us know if you are free and what your email is, and maybe we can have you be our Token XO Google Relationship Hangout Dude today.

Or just give us a question.

Anyway, the important part.

RSVP here if you're going to join us! Or click this link later just to join the hangout.

See you then!

UPDATE:You can now watch it here! At one point, I compare anal sex to a job interview. Or something. Yeah!


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