I'll Tell You Mine if You Tell Me Yours: What's the ONE Question You Would Ask Your "Mystery Date"?

I haven't been on a date since the aughts, so forgive me if this question is just weird.
Publish date:
August 11, 2016
Dating, Tinder, tv shows

First things first: "I'll Tell You Mine if You Tell Me Yours." Meh? I know, not the greatest series title, but not the worst?

I'm trying to figure out how to "brand" and focus these random questions I ask on a weekly basis. "Louise's Question" is just clunky and zzzzzzz..., and "ANSWER MY QUESTIONS!...with Louise" sounds like a tantrum. (Does it?)

In a perfect world I'd just call this thing "CatsCatsCats, and a Question," but I can't do that. CAN I???

Um...help me do my job? Am I allowed to ask this? Y'all know me pretty well by now. Help? What sounds like me? (Please be kind.)

Anyway, this week I'm actually really interested in knowing what ONE question you'd ask a potential date when determining whether or not you'd go out with them.

I got this idea when watching that James Corden show on YouTube one night. I like to let my YouTube cycle through talk shows as I cook dinner, and this segment caught my ear.

Basically Corden created this goofy Live Tinder game where dudes showed up in a giant phone cutout, and the staffer Corden was trying to set up either swiped left to eliminate them or swiped right to keep them. (Start watching at 10:30 to get to the question-asking part; sorry the video is so long.)

Once the potential suitors were narrowed down to three, the staffer could ask them ONE question to determine whether or not she'd go out with them. Chelsea Handler helped her out.

The question that she chose to ask is "How often do you lie?"

OK...that works.

But I couldn't get the idea of asking ONE question of someone in order to determine MY FATE AND FUTURE (not really) out of my head. As someone who loathes having my time wasted — and frankly doesn't really like going out much with humans at all — I became a little obsessed with my ONE question.

This is what I came up with: What TV show really makes you laugh?

Sounds simple enough, right? But TV is no small matter to me — I bond with people over television. I'm wary of you if you tell me you hate I Love Lucy or Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (not a comedy, but COME ON, who hates SVU?). And while I like a lot of comedies, very few make me really, truly laugh out loud.

I really think that what makes you laugh hints at your worldview.

So if a potential LIFE MATE has good taste in television, we're already halfway there (plus, then at least we'd have something to talk about, right?).

So tell me, what is your ONE question, and why?