Not Safe For Work Friday: Daikichi Amano

Pffft, why get a robot boyfriend when your next partner may be sold at the seafood counter?
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September 2, 2011
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I love Emily. But I will never have the guts to do what she does, talk about sexy sex here or what I like or what I don't like.

I am a lady! I have no desire to tell ya'll what my panties look like or what I do in the bedroom. I'm a lady! Plus, my husband would divorce me and I'd be real sad.

I do know about the weirdest shit though. Part of it comes from my crazy curiosity about the crazy. Part of it is because I used to make bank writing about the crazy. Part of it is because I like to amass knowledge about the crazy so I can whip out absurd facts at cocktail parties. I'm a lady!

People spend good cash money to see women having sex with tentacles. I like my tentacles presented to me on a plate at Nobu after having consumed half a bottle of expensive barolo, but that is just me. If people want to get off watching ladies do it with octopi who am I to judge?

Daikichi Amano is this brilliant Japanese photographer who has a website called Genki Genki (I said NSFW!) where you can purchase or download videos where pretty Japanese girls get it on with squids, goldfish, cockroaches and worms.

The English descriptions of the movies are pretty wonderful.

the angry because of the mussel worm and warns the vagina

the private bomb supervisor who strangle you

the frog crawling on stomach is torn and smiles

Daikichi's fine art photography is beautifully subversive work. He's like a Japanese Joel Peter Witkin, and for those of you who are going to complain about cruelty to the poor goldfish and worms, Daikichi is said to consume all of his "props" after completion of the shoot with his models.

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I know the thought of like, getting it on with eels is quite creepy and not something most of us would find appealing, but isn't the thought that something this crazy and bizarre exists in the world somehow comforting? I love his photography and find it strangely beautiful.

The Genki is just something I like to use to freak out my friends, like you! So now that we know that the closest I will get to discussing my sex life is to say I don't want to get busy with millipedes, what are the weirdest fetishes you have ever heard about? And will you be ordering sushi for lunch?