Open Thread: What's The Most Romantic Thing Anyone Has Ever Done For You, Or You've Done For Somebody? (Proposals Count)

For me, it comes down to words. Yeah, I like them.
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November 18, 2013
romance, proposals

"To Mandy, who gave me a life."

It's written on a gold card. The image stays with me forever.

Is that really so romantic? I remember it over a decade later, so I'm going to say yes. It's the choice of words, which have always done it for me. But not just words, words that are not lines, words that come from the heart.

I've never had a man construct an elaborate viral-ready-made wedding proposal or a scavenger hunt that resulted in a sparkling diamond ring, but those sound nice.

If that's your thing, you can read a million examples of that happening here. Or if you haven't had anyone do anything too romantic lately and you just want to laugh at me, you can read the cuckoo letter I once wrote to a man asking him to propose to me (spoiler alert: we did not get engaged).

But I want to know YOUR stories. Are you married? How did she ask? How did he ask? What's the romantic thing you've ever done or someone has done for you? It doesn't have to be a wedding proposal, but I do love those stories. Rose petals scattered leading to the bathroom where the rubber duckies spelled out "BE MINE"? One of the shy pizza guys at a restaurant where I used to work used to bake me pies in the shape of a heart. Got any cheesy stories like that? Come on, dazzle me!


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