I'm Not Looking For A Sugar Daddy, And I Don't Want To Cougar You

Sorry younger/older dudes, but I'm not interested in anything serious with a guy who's not my age.
Publish date:
August 26, 2014

Sometimes feel flattered when I get attention from younger men, but it mostly just makes me hyper-aware of my age. I've been propositioned by guys who are as close in age to my 8-year-old daughter as they are to me, and that just feels wrong. I have a guy friend who would date me if I let him, but the other day he told me he was *11* on 9/11. I'm sorry, but I was on the phone with my fiance watching the news about the towers while you were being evacuated from 6th grade. What other disconnects would we face in a relationship? Do you know what an 8-track is? Have you ever dialed a rotary phone? Why, I remember when cars were powered by feet instead of wheels! (On The Flintstones, a cartoon from my youth, from a time before televisions were remote controlled. You should totally 'Tube it, yabba-dabba-dude.) They say age ain't nothin' but a number, but if we're going to win the love lottery, I want your age to be pretty damn close to mine. I'm looking for a partner who can tackle life's challenges with me from a similar vantage point, not someone who wants me to dote on him like a father or son.

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