I Think The UPS Guy Was Just Sexist At Me

I'm not trying to player-hate, but this dude's conversation made me uncomfortable. Should I have said something?
Publish date:
May 20, 2011
sexism, harassment, ups

I just sent an intern to UPS to mail a very small package to the U.K. and she came back with a receipt for $159 and I was all like "Oh hell no!" because you can buy a whole mountain of cheese Danish with that.

So I went back there to "unsend" it and in my sticker shock may have been slightly bitchy. (But probably not really because I just learned how to set boundaries like yesterday, so I'd feel bitchy asking someone to stop masturbating at me on the subway.)

But I was all like "That's ridiculous," and "There's no way I'm paying that," which was probably annoying to the people who work at UPS, because of course they don't set the prices, although they surely can agree like any reasonable human being that $159 is way too much to pay to send a package.

Anyway, the UPS guy (or "Mike" according to the receipt) was processing my refund and the whole thing was taking awhile and he started loudly having a conversation with his co-worker about what a player he is and how he's planning to stop calling the girl he's dating and how women are like Lays potato chips because you "can't eat just one." Is that sexist, or just kind of gross?

Either way, it made me uncomfortable. I'm not really a prude about that kind of thing -- if will.i.am had made that Lays comment I probably would have thought it was funny. (I find will.i.am quite hilarious.) But something about the way his tone and the way he was talking shit about women like I wasn't even made me feel like the whole thing was directed at me. Like he was trying to make me uncomfortable in retaliation for being possibly, slightly bitchy. Going on and on and on about how badly you treat women while waiting on a female customer has to have some kind of deliberation behind it, right? I swear, he was being sexist at me.

It made me feel icky, and I kind of wanted to tell him so, but instead I just kind of swallowed that "blech" feeling and pretended like I couldn't hear him. Should I have said something? And if so, like what?

(PS: I got you now, though, Mike. Your name is all up on that receipt on xoJane.com.)