I Just Noticed All My Boyfriend and I Ever Talk About Is Food

Me: "I had that leftover steak for lunch, it was delish." Boyfriend: "NICE." Is this what happens after 7 years in a relationship?
Publish date:
June 6, 2011
food, texxting

My partner and I like to stay apprised of each other's lunch habits. It's not unusual for me to get a text from him just reading "pizza party," which means he is eating pizza at the office. (Who wouldn't want to know?)

Or I'll write him,"I had a chocolate chip cookie," to which he'll respond something like "Score" or "Nice work."

The above is a true text exchange between he and I this earlier this afternoon. I read it to Anya and she laughed. So I scrolled back and read another one. And then another. And then I realized that every single message between us in my phone is about food!

We used to sext, now we're mostly interested in the contents of each other's stomachs. We do the same thing in emails!

To be fair, we also send each other pictures of funny monkeys, to which the receiver inevitably responds, "That's my guy."

Is this all there is to "talk" about after 7 years? Should I try to spice things up and text him something totally inedible? If so, what? Just tell me, I WILL send it! (And post the results, he'll love that.) All suggestions must be in the spirit of improving, not destroying, my relationship.

It's either that or start a super-niche Tumblr called "Me and My Boyfriend Talk About Food," which will probably be read primarily by Anya, who seems to find this kind of thing hilarious.