How Can You Tell If a Guy Is Good in Bed?

Because I always find out the hard way.
Publish date:
June 13, 2011
science, casual sex

Thanks to a lifelong unfamiliarity with word no and general lack of sexual boundaries, I've had sex with lots of people that I wasn't necessarily attracted to.

But sometimes, those creepy, physically uninviting dudes turned out to be insane demon lovers who stuffed my panties in my mouth or picked me up mid-thrust and threw me into a new position and if I'd been all hung-up on guys who are "nice-looking" and have "good bodies," I never would have gotten peed on in a hot tub, you know?

Which is why I don't get this study from a few months ago that says the key aspect as to whether or not someone will accept a proposal for casual sex is how skilled they think their partner is likely to be. Cause how the hell are you supposed to know that?

(Also, the main finding of this dealie seems to be that both me and women like to have casual sex. Science is so obvious. )

I treat sex with a new man like buying one of those "grab bags"from a thrift store -- sure all I can see right now are some fabric strips and a broken barrette, but who knows what I'll find once I get it home and bust it open? There could be anything in there!

And "sexual skill" isn't some objective quantity -- it's a mysterious chemical voodoo fermented when his mojo hits yours. You can't make it with your clothes on -- I believe you've just gotta take it to the bedroom to find out how it all turns out.

But because not everybody is willing to muscle through a lot of bad sex to find the sexual diamonds in the muff, I pose this question: How can you tell if a guy is going to be good in bed?