20 Hot Elderly Celebrities We Thought Might Be Dead

But we're glad they're not because now there's a chance we'll have sex with them.
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May 13, 2014
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If I tell my parents I'm seeing someone new, the first question is never "What's his name?" or "How did you meet?" Without fail, it's always "How old is he?"

I'm 35, and they would love for me to meet a 40-year-old. Ten years apart themselves, my parents have always encouraged me to date guys who are at least a few years older. When the most recent edition of this conversation happened and I said the guy I'd been hanging out with is 31, my mother's response was "OK, getting there."

My mom met my dad when she was 23 and he was about to turn 33, but I always wonder if she would have been as receptive to him if he had been 43. Or 53. What if she'd met him at his current age, 72?

Personally, it gives me the willies, but it's my parents, so the willies-having is pretty ageless.

But there are men out there in their 70s and 80s who are absolutely attractive; not just used-to-be-attractive, but attractive right now, with presumably gray pubes. (Or no pubes -- is male pattern pube baldness a thing?)

I asked some other XO-ers if there are any 70-and-up celebrities with whom they'd knock sensible orthopedic boots. Here's who we picked, starting with my top choice.

David Canary (AKA Adam Chandler from All My Children)

I'd call my parents from his bed and tell them all their dreams have come true.

Warren Beatty

Robert Redford

"He was hot in his prime and isn't too bad now either, but I didn't pick him solely for shallow reasons -- did you see his performance in All is Lost?" - Kelly

Sidney Poitier

William Shatner

"Because trope." - Marianne

Sean Connery

Patrick Stewart"Because Star Trek and his voice and he's just really sexy and called me 'cleverish' once." - Claire

Harrison Ford

Anthony Hopkins

"But with his Legends of the Fall look." - Louise

Maggie Smith

"She would be mean to me in the sack and I'd love it." - Kate

Clint Eastwood

Harry Belafonte

"He's tall and beautiful and elegant and uncompromising in his ongoing fight for racial justice and because, obviously, Day-O." - Rebecca

Sam Shepard

Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts

"I have been in love with Mick Jagger since I was seven and have the Stones tongue and lips tattooed on my hip. I find him beyond sexy. Charlie Watts also, but maybe not because he's been with the same woman forever and I wouldn't want to mess that up." - Claire

Robert De Niro

Wilford Brimley

"Because I wanna sow my oats." - Mandy

Leonard Nimoy

Jack Nicholson

"He has a smirk I do NOT trust and I'm into that. He's such an angry dude, but I bet he has sweet moments, like my drunk grandpa. Plus, Anjelica Huston hit that and I will do anything she does." - Rachel

James Earl Jones

"Because phone sex." - Marianne

HONORABLE MENTIONIggy Pop"The fast life makes him at least 102." - OliviaSteven Tyler"If we're taking 'fast life' into account, then he's already dead." - TynanJohn Slattery"I can't believe he's only 51. I also can't believe I couldn't come up with anyone for this considering all my daddy issues." - Emily

How about you guys? What celebrity over 70 would you like to make sweet, sweet love to before they cross over?