HELL YES: Organic Lube!

Finally a green trend I can really get behind! Pun not intended but it stays.
Publish date:
June 23, 2011
healthy, green, lube, sexual aids

Did we all read Mc Housework's "Hell no!" dissertation on icy-hot sexual lubricants? The woman is not a fan of the stuff's searing frosty heat in her vag, and while I can't entirely agree, I have another option for those of you who like your sexual aides without the fire-y feeling of an exotic new STD. Meet Yes, one of the leading brands in the hotter-than-ever-before-but-not-literally "green" lube movement! Because if you're going to be inserting something into yourself and then having said thing fussing around in there repeatedly, the stuff helping it glide in and out (sorry) might as well be organic and extra-gentle. The good people at Yes sent me some samples of their cute product, and while I will spare you the details of my personal life for once, I will tell you that as lubes go, it is very very good. I am someone who doesn't NEED lube so much as enjoys it (see there, I never actually spare you the personal details), and this was a product I would happily bring into my bedroom -- or studio apartment so I'm technically always having sex in my own living room; whatever.ANYWAY, the details: Yes lubes are created from "reassuringly pure, natural and organic" ingredients. They are "completely free of parabens, glycerin, hormones, silicones and petroleum products." They are "suitable for all sexually active people", says the website that I am lazily quoting, and I can vouch that they are way slippery-making of whatever you would like to make slippery, and they feel friggin' good!

It is a UK company that distributes in the USA; I love anything British (unrelated: especially Wah! Nails and one Pete Doherty). Plus they are nice and "green." I am not one to endorse a green product JUST because it's green; I'm way liberal but not that damn liberal: something has to work well, and this stuff does.There's water-based and oil-based lubes from Yes!; in the fun of the moment I definitely did not read the packaging and see what I was using, but it was good. OK, enough enough ENOUGH; I don't want to write too much about sex and I'm sure you don't want to read it.

SOO, instead let's talk about YOU and YOUR sex life: Do you use lube? You're all sort of anonymous and won't get letters from prisoners like I will, so I say go nuts and discuss wildly in the comments section.