The Even MORE Scandalous Birth Control Post We DIDN'T Run

A sneak peek into our editorial process!
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October 13, 2011
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Here at XOJane, we're all about choice. Like say, the choice to watch reality television, wear maroon with taupe or irresponsibly write about letting strangers ejaculate in us. Sometimes, we forget that our posts have consequences, legal, political and otherwise. I don't know if you know this, but Chik-Fil-A is actually closed on Sundays because of the XOJane post, "Oh My God, I Love Working on the Sabbath." Every time you can't have a biscuit at the food court because the gate is down, I want you to blame me. I deserve it.Because, as is the case with most web sites, every employee at XOJane must approve of every post, from Jane herself to the topless greased-up Guatemalan teenager who brings us our sandwiches every day. If you don't like a post, please sue and blame every single one of us accordingly, especially the sandwich guy, because he forgot my mayonnaise last week. Personally, I have a big oversized novelty stamp that says "APPROVED BY JULIEANNE SMOLINSKI," just so people know that I don't just write about Alf and my breasts all day. So, in an effort to prove how responsible we are, here are just a few more (potentially great pageview earners!) articles we declined to run in our health section. Out of integrity. Buttery Staircases: A Great Form of Homeopathic Birth Control Jumping Up and Down After Sex: Cheap Ways to Save on Contraceptives

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