10 Reasons Why: You Should Date a Younger Man

Forget older men, with their paunches and dodgy prostates. There are a whole bunch of benefits to dating younger guys - here are just 10 of them...

Now as women, I think we all feel as though we SHOULD date (and eventually hopefully marry) a man who is older then us.

[Having had some bad older man experiences, I generally don't feel like this, HOWEVER, despite my own misgivings, I am rather spookily working on a post about the benefits of shagging older men at the moment. Out of interest, what's everyone's preference? --Rebecca]

I am very much guilty of this.....we all have this in-built belief that older men will be more mature, more responsible and nearing a time in their lives when they are FINALLY ready to settle their asses down!

However I think we can probably all agree that this is somewhat of a generalisation and not true for all older men.

Plus, younger men can also be responsible and want commitment in a relationship.

Guess what? I've got 10 reasons why it's the younger men we should really be going for.

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