It's Not Free If You Gotta Bone For It

Taking down the Craigslist "Free room for female" phenomenon.
Publish date:
June 8, 2011
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OK, I can't really believe I even need to say this.

First of all, being a sexy lady is not like being a journalist or a politician -- as far as I'm concerned, you can accept cash and gifts up to and exceeding values of 10,000 dollars. So, whatever, rent is too damn high, live in a sex room, I don't care.

But to the gentlemen who post ads like these (and there were several to choose from): You are deranged if you think that qualifies as a "free" room. What you are offering is an exchange of labor, and believe me, it is hard labor to be sexually available for the likes of you 24-7.

As someone who has been involved in her share of dubious situations, I can tell that it's not even the doin' stuff that kills, but the hours upon hours of PRETENDING TO LIKE YOU. People earn good money for that.

And to the extent that I'll bet you're really planning to make her earn it, I'm guessing that 1,000-3,000-dollar rent, when broken down hourly, is not. freaking. worth it. You are looking for a bargain ho! One who gets no sense of personal boundaries, is on call 24-7 and has no privacy to boot.

YouTube is free. This is like a chain gang. So dear everyones of the world, heed this advice: Nothing you have to take your clothes off to get is ever really free.

Also, regarding the below: If I have to clean your house topless, I 'aint cooking shit.

$1 Free room for female (manhattan)

Date: 2011-06-07, 2:59PM EDT

Im a 28 year old white male with a spare bedroom. Im looking to let a female live rent free in exchange for some topless cleaning and possibly a little cooking. serious inquiries only please