Confessions Of A Woman Who Rarely Had Safe Sex In Her Single Days

I bought my very first box of condoms a few weeks before my 30th birthday.
Publish date:
October 22, 2014

I used a condom the very first time I had sex. I wasn't on the Pill yet, and considering my age, I wanted to play it as safe as possible, so the condom was the obvious choice. Despite having used it, because I was still new, very new, in my sex life, I proceeded to worry about whether or not I was pregnant for the next month. When I my period showed up, I breathed a sigh of relief and immediately got on the Pill. I didn't use a condom again for a very, very long time, even after my monogamous relationship with my first boyfriend ended.

In college, I volunteered at an AIDS crisis center twice a week. It was there that I acted as both secretary and general informer of the importance of condom use, as I'd drop a handful of the multi-colored darlings into a bag for those who had just been tested and were on their way out. "Remember to always use a condom, especially with casual sex with strangers. The average orgasm lasts between 10 and 15 seconds, but HIV/AIDS lasts forever." But then I'd go about my personal life where my own condom use was zero to none.

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