Confession: I'm A 32-Year-Old Virgin (But Not By Choice)

Some days I wonder where it all went wrong.
Publish date:
October 13, 2014
virginity, Hymen

Some days I wonder where it all went wrong. How I ended up here, alone. Missing out. A 32-year-old virgin. By accident. No grand pacts with deities were made. No overly sentimental illusions of saving myself for that one special person who would sweep me off my feet and free me of my hymen. Just your standard introvert with self-esteem and body image issues.

I have had no relationships to speak of, I'm too shy and insecure to figure out how to put myself out there. I'm far too insecure to even consider a one night stand, let alone how I'd go about it. I was left hoping that someone would finally see through all the neurosis and awkward turtle flirting and see something worth sticking around for. But I'm left watching as everyone else around me seem to have it figured out.

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