The First xoJane Twitter Blind Date: Jenni and Stephen

Welcome to the first Twitter Blind Date, our experimental new feature in which we send two singles out and make them live-tweet their impressions of each other.
Publish date:
June 16, 2011
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The Daters:

Jenni, 34, writer and film critic. Finds friendly verbal sparring to be a huge turn-on. Says a perfect date could be anything from making out on the Wonder Wheel to hanging out in the park on a nice day with some iced coffee, watching the people go by. Stephen, 35, Brooklynite and editor for Looking for a woman who is smart, funny, sarcastic and patient enough to tolerate his love of professional sports. Says a good date includes drinks, great conversation and laughter.

The Rules:

1. No talking on the phone or meeting up pre-date. Googling each other is acceptable.

2. No adding each other on Twitter before the date.

3. While on the date, remember to stop and tweet. No talking about the content of your tweets.


The Date:

The Conclusion:

Jenni says: Trying to Tweet what I was really thinking felt super-awkward, even though I use Twitter a lot for work and personal interactions with friends; somehow it felt more exposed, probably because I knew that he would be reading my impressions of him and vice versa. I was surprised that I didn't hear back from Stephen because I thought we had a good time. He seemed quite gentlemanly and even bought a round of drinks, so I thought he would have dropped me a quick email or something the next day. (Yes, I know I could have done it myself, but frankly I'm tired of being the one doing the chasing.) I'm not sure there was a ton of chemistry, but it would have been worth a second or third date to find out. Oh well!

Stephen says: Ultimately, tweeting during the course of a date makes for some rather awkward breaks in the conversation. However, weirdly, that's also advantageous on a blind date in that it gives you a point to rally around, you can commiserate like similarly aggrieved co-workers. As for the date itself, there has been zero communication between us since that date and I don't think either of us is surprised by that. Despite our common bond of forced tweeting (which sounds way worse than it is) we lacked that ever-elusive spark. Of course, now I am dreading Jenny saying something quite the opposite of that which leaves me cast in the role of crude asshole. C'est la vie -- at least that will fit into a tweet.

How do you think it went? Suggestions to improve our format? Leave 'em in the comments. Oh, and if you want to go on a Twitter blind date, send us an email with your details and location and we'll try to set you up.