Hot Girls and the Guys Who Creep On Them: Olivia's Favorite AVN Pics

Good thing it's Saturday because this is totally NSFW.
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January 21, 2012
photos, AVN

Since I have been at AVN, I have encountered some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. On the reals, I feel ugly. [I am happy that you and Emily got to cover this event and that you got these nice pics, Olivia, but I am much more saddened that you both felt less sexy or beautiful because of comparing yourselves to these women. That's not what life is for, imho. Have fun, feel good, rejoice in all the ways that other people choose to feel good about themselves, know that our beauty is communal. Make sense? xo --Jane] But I'm totally okay with that right now because I am honestly in love with these women. I mean, everybody here is. I wanted to share some things that I have seen here and let you enjoy a small bit of the beauty and raunch that is the Adult Entertainment Expo. Enjoy!