dating casually
I felt like King Midas hoarding gold. I didn’t want to give anyone up. Each man had a unique quality.
bad kissers
There’s no gentle way that I know of to tell someone, “Damn, bro, you kiss real bad! What’s that even about?”
sex talk
You can’t control the universe and hide erotic stuff from your child, but you can talk to her about sex when she’s little.
one night stands
In 2003, 63% of sexually active teens were busting out the love glove for sexytimes. Last year, only 59% did.
internet dating
ask a sex therapist
Asking for what you want in the bedroom seems like it should be so easy, yet many of us struggle with actually opening our mouths and letting the words out.
childhood crushes
Punching someone into an unconscious state and wanting to mount them for a rigorous session of dry humping are basically the same feelings, I guess.
friends with benefits
Rocco was my fake boyfriend; he served all the same functions that a real boyfriend would, minus the commitment.
casual sex
I love sex. It’s fun. And because I love you, my daughter, I want you to have the same delights in life that I do.
Let me be clear: We weren’t sleeping together. I mean, we were sleeping together, but we weren’t having sex.
dating advice
These are the five pieces of crappy dating advice everyone uses which only serve to keep good people single.
geek love
As a little geekling I learned to love enthusiastic, caring dudes through cartoons, TV shows, video games, movies, and books.
childhood crushes
phone sex
As far as my past trauma was concerned, my idea was to ignore it and then it would simply go away.
Sexting is the absolute worst, and no one actually likes it.
online dating
I would do all the introductory conversation, all the sorting through photos and profiles, and then simply tell my sister when and where to show up.
gaining weight
Over 12 months of date nights, meaningful quality time, and copious amounts of PDA…. and over 30 pounds of body mass that I cannot account for.
ask a sex therapist
In my sex therapy practice, low sexual desire is one of the most frequent complaints I hear from women.
In continuing to sleep with my ex, I am doing myself zero favors. Zero.
online dating