10 Reasons Why: Women Cheat

Yes, shock horror - women cheat too. And here's why...
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September 28, 2012
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It's fact of life....people cheat, people are cheated on. It fucking sucks but as they say, shit happens.

I think cheating is something that we all assume men do more of - perhaps they do, perhaps they don't, but let's be realistic here, women cheat too.

Now I'm not trying to sound get on my high horse or anything but I personally have never cheated on anyone. I have this obsession with being 100% honest with whoever I am with at all times, from telling my boyfriend that I have infact just read his messages while he was in shower to admitting that it was me who farted that one time in front of his friends.

Ok I'm going slightly off topic here....where was I? Ah yes right, cheating women, and why they cheat:

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