The xoJane Gratitude List -- What Are YOU Thankful For?

It's Thanksgiving! I asked all the xoJane staffers what they're thankful for this year, and they got CHEESY as hell.
Publish date:
November 24, 2011
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Jane says:" I am thankful for my daughter (Charlotte) and our puppy (Balloon), because all you need is love: everything else can be in boxes and who cares."

Cat says: "More than anything in the world, I am thankful for my FRIENDS. I don't have a close immediate family at all -- instead, I have chosen family. My friends are all as crazy and strange and nocturnal and bananas as I am, and I guess that's why we need each other.

This photo was taken at a bonfire party over the summer in the Hamptons, and practically everyone that I love in the world is in there somewhere (well, 50 percent of the people I love, I guess; a lot of people are missing). I don't have family Thanksgiving or Christmas ever, so I'm always with my friends in the city on these special days. This year my chosen family expanded to include Jane, Emily, Julie, Eric, Bryan, Madeline, and all the rest of the xoJaners, and I am so thankful for that. I love my job and my co-workers so much! Even though I never come in to the office.

Despite everything I've gone though this year, it's actually been the happiest of my life, because I've been surrounded by people the whole time. I used to be a hugely lonely drug addict and an overachieving magazine editor who stayed at the office until 11 pm every night speeding out and went home and sat in my apartment alone -- for years it was like that! Now I am just a drug addict. Haha. No, I don't know what I am. But I know I am not lonely, and I have all these special people and this special job. It's enabled me to be "two steps forward, one step back" all of the time, instead of sliding downhill always. So I'm actually slowly getting better and moving forward.

I'm also so grateful for all of the amazing readers who leave me so many comments and well-wishes and advice. The positive support I've gotten from the readers of this site has made me really believe in my own worth in a way that I didn't personally for a really, really long time. I'm so happy to have all of you in my life, too! xo"

Jess says: "I'm thankful for this: Does that count?"

Madeline says: "I'm grateful for the little things in life-- like ridiculous iPhone cases I buy from street vendors and this Hello Kitty pen that used to be Charlotte's. She knows I love Hello Kitty, so she gave it to me. So so sweet and generous. "

MC Housework says: I am thankful for everyone who's given me help since my ex-husband (and amicable co-parent to our nine-year-old dudeling) was diagnosed with an astrocytoma right before Halloween. Many hands support us. Pictured: chicken dinner from awesome colleague.

Daisy says: "I have a hard time taking the holidays seriously, so when Emily asked us to write about what we are thankful for, I immediately took the predictable route. The 49ers! Sauvignon Blanc! Gossip Girl! Pepperidge Farm Goldfish!

But this year has forced my family to be a bit more introspective than usual, so instead of going with the layup answers, I’m going to try something new -- sincerity -- and tell you that this year on Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my oldest brother, Todd. Todd is funny and unassuming, smart and, most important, always there for me. Even better? He supports me unconditionally, something I think neither of us gets from very many other people. Plus, he loves puns, sock puppets, and sometimes when I come home (we live in the same building), I can hear him playing Yacht Rock really REALLY loudly. Best big(gest) brother ever.

(My other brother’s pretty rad, too, but he’s the middle child, so I figured he’d be used to feeling left out. Love you, Ross!)"

Olivia says: "I am thankful for my Tailors, for without them (they are twins) all of my pants would be too long."

Julie says: "I'm grateful for xoJane this year, and If I sound like an obnoxious suck-up I don't care because it's true! I'm so lucky to work with talented, weird, sexy, hilarious, famous, supportive, inspiring people every day and I can't get over it."

Bryan says: "I am constantly thankful, that's just how I roll. So much so, when asked to identify what we are grateful for this year in a word and a photo I was totally overwhelmed. My family? Always. My job, boss and colleagues and friends? Every day of my life. What one thing could I single out and not feel as though I was not cheating myself or someone in my life? In comes this puppy. I melted. I realized what I am grateful for, new life. It's the most inspiring, miraculous aspects of life. Whether a baby person, puppy, whatever, I am thankful for new life."

Helene says: "Sometimes it's really easy to complain about your life and to think about how shitty you have it. But in truth, when you actually take a moment for introspection, you can often have a little experience known as an epiphany, to the likes of: "Oh shit, wait a minute, i'm actually realllllly lucky." I'm thankful for so many things. The most amazing, supportive family on the planet. A circle of fantastic close friends. A man who is everything I've ever wanted. A roof over my head. The every day things that most of us take for granted are actually the things that we should be the most thankful for. Perhaps I'm being a little corny (just a smidge!), but 'tis the season, people. Get with it."

Eric says: "I am thankful that my kid brother Craig and sister in-law Jenny are the type of parents that let their kids wear their Halloween costumes before and after the holiday. My mischievous niece: Emma (as Strawberry Shortcake) and my hysterically funny nephew Thomas as a knight. Also, Thankful that Craig and Jenny are helping to break down gender-roles. Last Christmas Thomas asked for and got a kitchen set. I love them all very much."

s.e. says: "I'm thankful for all the awesome people I have in my life, which probably sounds a little cheesy1, but it's the truth. I'm surrounded by fantastic friends and intellectually stimulating colleagues and people I'm really honoured and delighted to be with and around. I'm a big subscriber to the idea that family is what you make it, and I have a family of people I really love who make my world a better place to be.

1. I'm also thankful for cheese. I mean seriously."

Hannah says: "Thanksgiving was last month here in Canada, but I'm still thankful for my mom, and family in general. My mom is the most selfless, strong, amazing, funny, sweet lady I know, and I don't tell her enough. So hopefully she sees this and knows how much she means to me. Thanks, mom!"

Rachel McP says: "My hilarious super-genius Brooklynite niece, Molly, and her new perfect baby brother, Leo. I've saved a jillion kisses to lay on them at Christmas (when I meet Leo!)."

And for my part, I'm grateful for almost 3 years clean and sober, without which I wouldn't have any of the other wonderful things in my life. And DVR. What a great invention. Let us know what you're thankful for this year in the comments!