What Would Edith Do: Which Downton Abbey Sister Are You?

Take my quiz to find out if you're a Sybil, a Mary or an Edith!
Publish date:
February 13, 2012
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Take my quiz to find out which Crawley sister you are most like.

(I'm an Edith/Sybil cusp!)

1. When you go for dinner you will often wear:

A) Something simple yet flattering. I’m self-confident enough about my looks to let my own beauty do the talking.

B) Dinner!? But there is work to be done! Fine, if I must go I will wear my crappiest outfit to remind everyone there that while they have their


others are suffering needlessly.

C) Why does it even matter what I wear to dinner? Surely there will be someone prettier there than I am. Ok, whatever, I’ll take the big ruffles and a choker.

2. What makes you angriest?

A) When someone tries to fuck with me.

B) When people are unprincipled or are too weak in character to stand up for what is right.

C) Watching other women do better than me

3. You are happiest when:

A) I feel in control.

B) I am doing something useful.

C) I feel understood by someone.

4. I am mostly attracted to:

A) I keep copious list of the qualities a prospective partner should have, though once and a while someone will come along and prove to be the anomaly and I will love that person even more for it.

B) Those who have the same ideals as me; dreamers, idealists, people of principal.

C) Men who need me: the infirm, the mentally deranged and down on their luck farmers in need of free labor.

5. Who do you turn to when you’re upset and need to talk?

A) A dear friend I’ve known since childhood.

B) Someone with my same sense of right and wrong.

C) Nobody. I write angry notes in my journal.

Mostly A’s: Where my Lady Marys at?

You are used to getting you way and can seem aloof and spoiled when in fact you are deeply insecure and uncertain of yourself. Because of these insecurities, you can sometimes act childish. You like to dress up and appreciate your good looks. However, when duty calls you will spring into action, putting aside your own (ample) needs for the sake of someone suffering. You are far more practical about your future than others, more of a cynic than a dreamer.

Mostly B’s: Congratulations, you’re a Lady Sybil

You are a service-driven person who needs to feel useful in the world. You care not for fancy dress parties or frivolity, only for doing what you deem to be right. You are so driven by principle you can seem nearly divine, and therefor be difficult for others to relate to. You harbor secret desires though which most would not believe you even capable of. Because your nature demands you seek justice and honesty above all else you tend to see the world in black and whites and when you fall in love you feel it is almost star-crossed.

Mostly C’s: Why hello, Lady Edith

Because of bad things that have happened in your past, you tend to think the world is conspiring against you. Because you’ve so often felt like an outcast, you have a deep sympathy for the world’s misunderstood souls and can easily get taken in by their plights. You don’t have as clear a sense of right and wrong as your sisters, and though you can be quite empathetic, you can also feel the need for revenge if someone wrongs you. You know there is something important for you to do in this life, but often don’t feel a clear place in society. Because you have trouble seeing your own worth, you are often attracted to fixer-uppers.