What Should I Wear And Do For A Blizzardy Third Date?

So, I'm seeing this guy I like for the third time tonight. I haven't had a third date with someone who was using the term "relationship" in quite some damned time. Do I wear a wedding dress?
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February 8, 2013
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I've been texting with the Comedian I started dating throughout the week, and he asked me if my dog Sam would be any good at pulling a sled in the snow in New York tomorrow for the predicted 30 inches of snow. Alas, no dice.

So I'm trying to think of what we should actually do when the damn storm hits -- and what I should wear.

If you ask Emily, I still have a propensity for a lot of "garbage outfits," and I would probably agree with that. But I'm trying to step it up lately. Plus I get my paycheck today so I can go shopping if I want!

Here are my ideas for what we might do, and more importantly, what I might wear.


Outfit options:

  1. Jeans and a T-shirt and Converse with fancy lingerie underneath
  2. A black dress with thigh-high black boots (I need to buy the boots -- I'm thinking Bloomies?)
  3. A business suit and heels
  4. Black lingerie with a trenchcoat
  5. Something new that I buy from American Apparel, Superdry, H&M, Loehman's or a thrift store

Suggestions? What is the perfect third date in a blizzard outfit?

Activity options:

  1. Stay at my place and rent movies and put him to the Top 5 movie test.
  2. Have him help me give Sam a bath. Oh, and maybe crate train him too?
  3. Write a Kindle single together and see if we can make some cash off of it -- maybe something about newly dating some blog chick who puts way too much stuff about her life online.
  4. Have him teach me how to play modern videogames. I know nothing since Duck Hunt and Pitfall.
  5. Trudge through the city in the snow with Sam the dog and Instagram the fuck out of it.

Thoughts? Alternatives? What are you going to do (if you're in New York) during this snowy hot mess? Apple cider, blankets and ghost stories, anyone?


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