My New Year's Resolution Is Not to Freak Out Before My Wedding

I made a handful of random, personal resolutions, but seeing as our upcoming nuptials are a somewhat big deal, I figured I needed an entirely separate list for wedding-related resolutions.

After an entire lifetime of never making New Year’s resolutions, I spontaneously decided to do just that in 2015. I made a handful of random, personal resolutions, but seeing as our upcoming nuptials are a somewhat big deal, I figured I needed an entirely separate list for wedding-related resolutions. Without further ado, I (will attempt to) resolve to…

1. Enjoy the rest of my planning.

We’ve had a long engagement, and up until this point, I’ve been a pretty laid-back (read: lazy) bride, not putting too much wedding-related pressure on myself. But with seven months to go, I’m starting to feel the stress creep up as new tasks loom over me like polar vortex snow clouds. Book a florist. Find bridesmaid dresses. Register. I don’t want wedding planning to turn into a bunch of dreaded chores, and I don’t want to look back on it and realize I didn’t fully enjoy the whole experience. So if I start to get stressed, I’m just going to…try not to.

2. Not get sucked into outrageously priced, unnecessary things.

We have a budget, and we intend to stick to it. But it is harder than I thought it would be. I’ll admit it: I’m a bit of an impulse shopper, and I get easily fixated on things I think I “need,” whether it’s a new scarf that I swear serves a different purpose than the others I own, a piece of artwork that will definitely complete our living room, or a set of cheese knives because we can’t possibly serve our friends cheese without cheese knives. Show me an Etsy shop or Pinterest board full of unique and creative wedding ideas, and it’s very possible I’ll get sucked into believing I need them all. So if you hear me talking about getting a bouquet made out of crystals, stop me.

3. Appreciate my family and wedding party.

My fiancé and I are so lucky to have amazing families and a group of kickass friends who make up our wedding party. Even if they do nothing but hug us, and stand up with us as we say our vows, I’ll be grateful to have them there, and I don’t want to take them for granted for a second. Which brings me to…

4. Not become a bridezilla.

I’m sure everyone says this, but I really don’t actually see myself becoming a bridezilla. I tend to take tasks on myself rather than delegate, from work projects to planning trips. I just like to get things done, and without trying to sound like an asshole, I like to get them done my way. Sometimes it’s just easier to do things myself. (Yes, it’s a flaw; I need to learn to let go of control. Put that on my ‘personal’ resolutions list.) That said, I’ve never been a bride before, and depending on my level of stress as the wedding nears, I could have no choice but to rely heavily on others. Like I said, I have the best family and friends and know they’ll be willing to help—I just need to avoid becoming power hungry, and make sure to accept that help graciously.

5. Not wear pretty shoes I can’t walk in.

Ugh, I’m terrible with heels. I almost never wear them, and when I do, they’re relatively short and very manageable. I’m a baby when it comes to foot pain (okay, any pain), what can I say? I’ve already said that whatever heels I choose for my wedding day will be ones I can last all day in. But this is easier said than done. I know that once I start shopping, I’ll come across all sorts of pretty little things in the shoe department with heel heights I haven’t conquered in ages. I’ll then slip into that, “These are so perfect and amazing and nothing else will work and I need these” mentality. And then I’ll regret it when I spectacularly face-plant during the bride-and-groom intro at the reception. I need to sidestep (no pun intended) that entire scenario and find fantastically gorgeous shoes that are also fantastically easy on the stiletto-challenged.

6. Take it all in.

I’ve heard it a million times: Your wedding day goes by so fast. After nearly two years of being engaged and planning, I have no doubt that those 24 hours will fly by. Sure, we’ll have pictures and video to look back on, but I want to make sure I soak it all up in the moment, too. I’m not sure how exactly, but whether I’m getting makeup done, walking down the aisle, or dancing my ass off to Shout, I’m going to find a way to pause and take it all in.

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