The Great Online Dating Debate: Annnnnnnnnnd We're Back! (Sort of.)

A lot has happened over the past 7 weeks.
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November 19, 2012
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I've been gone for a minute now I'm back with the jump off. Let's get right to it, shall we?

1) What's With the No Picture Thing?

I'm annoyed by men who message me and act as if they genuinely want to get to know me, yet they have yet to upload a photo of themselves. What's that about? I don't believe for a second that you don't have one single snap of yourself online to add to your profile.

Cut the shit, my dude. Hell, you can take one with an internal webcam! Even the desktops at internet cafes have those. Or take a bathroom pic with your smartphone! Whatever it is you're hiding, I'd rather know sooner than later. I don't like my time being wasted.

Plus, initial instant attraction is an important factor for me. I mean, he could be into things I'm totally not into (like guyliner). And how do I even know exactly who you are if I were to meet up with you without having seen a few photos? If your description is "tall, White, brown hair, button-down shirt and jeans" -- well, guess what? So are 1.5 billion other men; I guarantee 20 of them will be in the bar, too.

2) Now I Have a Height Complex

A friend of mine is also on OKCupid, so I showed her my profile and she made a few tweaks to it, including my height preference. Before, all of my matches were 5'6", 5'7", but now I'm getting matched with men 6'0" and up. And I hate to admit it, but I like it.

I'm 5'2", so tall men make me feel safe, and I find height sexy. Plus, I wear high heels, so if I'm in 5 inches, I'm eye-to-eye with a short guy. Tall men feel really manly to me. Does that make sense? Maybe this is a result of my many, many (many) Daddy issues.

Whatever. I'm not ready to process that just yet -- I'll get around to it. One day. Don't rush me. (YOU SUPER JUDGY-HATING CHICKS (who secretly judge) KNOW WHO YOU ARE.) I enjoy my denial and for now I'll live happily ever after in tra-la-la land. Thanks in advance.

3) So, I Actually Went Out on a Few Dates

I finally bucked up and went on my first date, which was great. So great in fact, I started doubling up and going on two back-to-back. It just seemed like a better use of my time; my energy was up and I felt much more confident by the time the second date rolled around. Plus the outfit was on point (I always went with a variation of outfit #1) and my hair and makeup was already done. Why not?

I'll be back with more details on the dates soon, but I'll leave you with this super-duper-starship-trooper fucked up tidbit: One of my not-so-great dates kidnapped me. K-I-D-N-A-P-P-E-D. Like, I needed to call the cops type-kidnapped. For 12 hours. No, seriously -- I was totally off the grid, not sure if I'd make it home. I'm still traumatized. And MUCH less trusting. These are what we call life lessons. And thank God I lived to learn it.

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