Tell Me About a Weird Dream You've Had

Then we can pick it apart and look for hidden meaning.
Publish date:
December 23, 2011
dreams, dream interpretation

This has been a year of intense dreams for me. I have several extremely vivid and plot-driven dreams a night which I often remember in great detail -- an image will flash through my mind while I brush my teeth or cook dinner --sometimes even a week later.

It may be partly because I’ve moved around a lot lately. I’ve been bouncing around the world as I tried to figure out my Visa stuff here in Europe and I’ve noticed that a change of environment will make me more dream-prone. Anyway, except for the occasional gorefest, I kind of like this super-developed dream life I’ve got going on. I’m super interested in people’s dreaming rhythms and what you think dreams mean. I’m not sure there is like blatant symbolism in all dreams, I prefer to think my subconscious is subtler than that, but it is obvious that certain things in dreams do represent reality.OK, I’ll go first with a dream I had the other night:

I’m in a house in the woods. It’s a ranch-style house with a picture window looking out on a dark forest of old growth pines. The trees are so tall that all you can see out the window are the trunks and a few low hanging branches. People mill about inside sipping martinis. Two baby hippos on leashes are tethered to the leg of a table quietly chewing something. A low rumbling noise makes everyone still. I look down at the hippos who stop moving their jaws and look up at me with their big, wet hippo eyes. “It’s waking up,” someone behind me says.I look to the window, were I see that one of the trunks has a paw twitching along its side. I go to the window and look up. It isn’t a tree at all. Though I can’t see to the top of it, I suddenly realize it is a very large brown bear standing up with its paws down at its sides. Behind me, the other people at the party start plotting. They can make a lot of money from this giant bear, they immediately decide. “Ten grand a month?” Someone asks. “Nah, probably more like two thousand.”“That’s good, that’s good.” I turn as an elderly woman rushes into the room.“NO, NO, NO!” she shouts, waving her sweatered arms. “I pay him 300 dollars a month to stand still!”The end. Anyone want to take a shot at what any of that means?Your turn.