I'm a Story Stealer

And I feel shame.
Publish date:
April 19, 2012
friendship, stealing stories, stories

Me and Julieanne, before I ruined our friendship with my betrayal.

Oh my God, you guys, I don't even want to tell you this because I feel so ashamed. But I tell you guys everything! (I really do, it might be probably is a bad idea.)

The other day, when I was interviewing Ricki Lake, she let me get all up in her phone and I saw a photo of her with Richard Simmons. And then we had roughly this conversation:

Emily: I love Richard Simmons!

Ricki: Me too!

Emily: I interviewed him once! He read my aura!

Ricki: He did not!

Emily: He did!

Readers, he did not. That story happened to one Julieanne Smolinski, who was told she was had a rebel spirit by the fitness personality during a phone interview.

I stole that part of the story, too. Not because it felt good, but because I was in too deep. Ricki asked me what he said about my aura! I just kept getting more and more entangled in my web of lies!

Rereading that part of the interview, I felt so horrible that I emailed Julieanne and confessed everything. She didn't even seem to care, but I mean, now she can NEVER tell that story to Ricki Lake! I'm sorry, Julieanne. I'm sorry, Ricki. WHY DID I DO IT?

Fess up, bitches. Have you ever passed someone else's story off as your own? I swear I didn't mean to. It just kind of came out, like when you compliment someone on the thing you most hate about their appearance.