As Ron Jeremy Recovers From Heart Surgery, Robin Byrd Shares Her Prayers and Appreciation for this "Big-Hearted" Man

Ron Jeremy is recovering from heart surgery, one of his many lovers and admirers (and a legend in her own right) Robin Byrd tells us of the man the porn industry adores.
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January 31, 2013
ron jeremy, robin byrd

I was shocked to hear Ron Jeremy had anything wrong with his heart and was hospitalized with a serious aneurysm recently because that’s the best part of Ron -- is his big heart. If anything because he’s so giving, his heart probably got too full it was close to bursting

The first time I met Ron it was on a set for the first movie we did together, "Pink Ladies." I played his wife, and we went to sleep and I dreamed I was in a circus and he was one of the freak acts and was giving himself head. This was a long time ago in the late '70s or early '80s when he could still reach it.

Ron is one of the best lovers I ever had. Not only is he considerate, kind and warm, but he is the best pussy eater ever, ever, ever! He has a comedy bit that he used to do about it how he goes up and down and in and out and doing the alphabet with his tongue, but jokes aside, he just listens to what you’re feeling. He’s a very sexually kind person. He cares about the other person before he cares about himself.

We did more movies together -- we did "Lucky Stiff," "Bon Appetite," "Her Name is Lisa," are the ones that come to mind. And it was always a good time. Ron has a nice-sized penis but it was really about the motion of his ocean. He knew how to use it. But his tongue did what his penis couldn’t.

In the old days he always had “One Good Friend” but not a girlfriend. What it was between us wasn’t platonic, but it wasn’t romantic. We were sex playmates. Even if he wasn’t working, he was still into giving pleasure.

Fast forward to the 1990s when I stopped doing porn movies and was known for my cable access show "The Robin Byrd Show." Ron and I were both hired to judge a tit contest at Goldfinger’s strip club and at one point Ron leaned over to me and whispered, “Let’s go downstairs to the dressing rooms and let me give you head for old time’s sake. I really want to eat your pussy.” So we did and it was amazing and I remembered how great he was. All he wanted to do was pleasure me for old time’s sake because I didn’t do films anymore and again he was the best, the best!

He was on my show soon after that. He wouldn’t dance on my show but he did pull his cock out and he made his cock swing around and did a whole twirl, like a helicopter. He bent over and he showed how he could give himself head. We weren’t allowed to show it completely but you got the gist of his talents.

I hate his nickname “The Hedgehog,” though. I always have hated it. I think it's mean. It’s very sad, and I hate to think his weight had anything to do with him getting so sick. He got the name Hedgehog from Al Goldstein (publisher of now folded Screw Magazine) because he was always eating. When you went out to dinner with Ron he would eat everything off your plate that was left over. He would eat everything on anyone’s plate that was left over.

When I saw Ron last at the Adult Video News Convention in Vegas, he gave me rolling papers with his face on it and kept me up to date on all the work he was doing. We had a great time catching up, and I was happy to see him still plugging away and doing well.

Let's keep him in our thoughts as he recovers -- and his big heart recovers, too.

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