I Was The Nerdiest Child Who Has Ever Existed

With proof, from my 5th grade diary.
Publish date:
June 15, 2011
childhood, nostalgia, nerdiness

You may think this picture is all the evidence you need to pigeonhole me as an indoor kid, but you'd be wrong. Because I wasn't a Trekkie, I was just starring in a church musical entitled "Journey to the Center of Christmas," so there!


Anyway, ever since I told Jane the story of how I didn't read Sassy because I bought one once and was scandalized to find out it had the word "bitch" in it, I've been thinking about what a grade A giant nerdlinger I was back then. And then I stumbled across my 5th grade diary and realized it was even freaking worse than I thought. Seriously, I blushed reading some of this stuff to myself.

So naturally, I decided to put it on the Internet! Below, 8 passages that prove I was the dorkiest loser who ever lived and bonus nerdy pictures if you're good. (OK, I already put them in, be bad if you want.)

1. "My hands beg me to play it."

2. "That's all I can do."

3. "I know I could do better!"

4. "... anymore."

5. You know, "the video."

6. "So why's everyone being sexually active so soon?"

7. "I don't think Jennifer really understands about being a Christian."

8. "Check back on these and see how many you keep." (ahhahahahhahahahah)

Oh yeah, and I had my mom come pick me up from a slumber party because the other girls were playing with a Ouija board and everyone knows that's not right. Top that.