OPEN THREAD: I'm Starting To Suck At My Job And I Need Your Help

I know I'm not getting fired but I want to be perfect, you know?
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September 24, 2013
perfectionism, open thread, misery, co-workers, blobfish, ADD

So, I started as an intern here at xoJane. I was a pretty awesome intern, not lying. That's how I got a job here, I WOWED Emily and Jane into giving me a full-time-big-girl-pants job. It is actually so awesome that I get to work here. Seriously, and I'm not going to harp on this anymore, but I got my dream job when I was 24 and that is so silly-amazing I can't even begin to fathom it.

But, it's been two years and I have unbuttoned the top button of my work brain.

Sometimes I mess up (if you are a freelancer, you may already know this) and I find that embarrassing because I used to kind of be a golden child here at xoJane. Now, I'm a bit of a punchline for a few reasons:

1. I start sentences in my brain and then finish them out loud and nobody knows what the balls I'm talking about.

2. Emily has to explain emails to me because occasionally normal sentence structure eludes me.

3. I have a bit of a social life these days, so I sleep less and if I don't get my 10 hours in, I show up to work like this. (True Story: They kicked me out of the Clubhouse the other day because the editors deemed me "not caffeinated enough").

I'm sharp as a tack, guys, don't get me wrong. Everybody here knows that. When I'm on my game I'm a Psychic Octopus (heh). But recently, I've been slipping and I need your help.

How can I concentrate better? What do you guys do (Don't say Adderall because when I used to be so addicted that stuff I thought there were snipers everywhere)? How can I impress Emily and Jane again so they love me? I really miss being awesome, and right now I am Blobfish status.

Can you help a sister out?