Learn from My Mistakes: I Asked Our CEO What He Does Here

Can you top this workplace stumble?
Publish date:
May 20, 2011
career, work, faux pas

Oh hey there! Yes, it is a great party. Have you had a cupcake? Yes the numbers are great, we're pleased.Yes, I've already sexually harassed someone. There will probably be a lot more of that, I hope that's OK. Mmhmm. Oh, thank you!

... So, what exactly is your role here? Oh. CEO. Well, that's something I should have known.

And SCENE. Thats me at Tuesday night's launch party stuffing my foot down my gaping maw after a 20-minute conversation with the in-my-defense very young and unassuming CEO of my new company, Say Media. Also in my defense: Very new to company, exhausted after 13 or so 12-hour days hunched over my desk and giggling crone-like with Jane at dubiously funny inside jokes. Not in my defense: I had already been in several meetings that day with said CEO.

I then possibly proceeded to dig the hole deeper by uttering an apology in which I referred to myself as "the biggest asshole in the world."

The smart professional business lady lesson here: Always know who the top-ranking officers of your company here. That's just good sense.

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