I Want My Partner To Smell Like Hot Wood, Booze & Petrol. You?

In which I express my desire for my boyfriend to smell like Austrian smoked cheese.
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April 9, 2013
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As a fully-fledged consumer, I own a lot of perfumes. A lot a lot. I have a dressing table bursting with them, probably 30 or so. Enough that I will probably never run out of them all before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

I can smell like a big bunch of roses one day with a spritz of Paul Smith Rose, I can go fresh and light with Coco Mademoiselle, I can pull out the big guns with a spray of Serge Lutens' Chergui, I can smell like a crushed pink peppercorn if I opt for By Killian's In the City of Sin.

In short, I like having choices.

When it comes to my manpanion though, I have a different point of view. I like him only having a couple of scents to choose from. I like the knowledge that that is his signature fragrance I can smell on his clothes, that if I catch a waft of Chanel Bleu it will instantly remind me of him. I like the familiarity that comes with him only having two or three glass bottles to choose from and douse his neck in. Mmmmm.

Not that I actually stop him buying fragrance, mind. He thinks he has plenty, which works perfectly well for me.

Because scent is so incredibly evocative, the memories each little glass bottle contains can be so, so powerful. If I smell Cacherel's Amor Amor, I am straight away -- BAM -- back on my first ever girl's holiday, aged 17, in Lanzarote, spraying myself liberally before heading out into the heat for dinner.

If I smell Ghost Sweetheart, in its frosted pastel peach bottle, it reminds me of when Chris and I first met. Every year on our anniversary, I'll use the left over body moisturizer I kept and he always remarks that I smell like I did that first night. I love the connection between scent and memories.

As a side note, I read somewhere that you should buy or use a perfume that you've never worn before, but love, on your wedding day (should marriage be your thang) -- never to wear it again. That way you have an intense connection between that fragrance and the day, and every time you smell it, you'll be transported back to what should hopefully have been a beautiful day. OH GOD I'M GETTING ALL SOPPY.

ANYWAY. So I read yesterday about a new fragrance brand -- currently still in the Kickstarter phase -- called Commodity, and I was intrigued by some of their scents for men. The two scents they seem to be promoting most heavily are named simply "Whiskey" and "Tea."

I totally dig single note fragrances -- my nose got a real work out when I hit the Demeter counters when I was in New York recently. The knowledge that a perfume house have released scents named "Earthworm" and "Funeral Home" brings me great joy.

I had a think about the smells I love most and would love to bottle, completely accurately. Although I'm not sure how keen Chris would be on wearing some of them. Cheese, anyone?

Hot wood. You know that smell when you walk past a building site and some wood has just been shaved, and you get that hot wood smell? I love that. I breathe it in as deeply as I can whenever I catch it on the wind.

Jack Daniels on the breath. I don't know why, but I find something really sexy about being up close to my boyfriend and smelling JD and coke on his breath on a night out. Nice.

Austrian smoked cheese. God, the smell of smoked cheese is just one of the best in the world, surely? That cheese that's rolled up like a sausage in a skin. I used to eat TONS of them when I was a teenager. #YOLO.

Petrol. I LOVE the smell of filling stations. I think there's something about knowing that you're smelling something that's bad for you.

Burger vans. Don't judge me. I would genuinely buy this but I'd be permanently hungry.

The smell after it rains on hot concrete. That lovely smell in summer after a downpour, when the roads are steaming.

Freshly baked bread. My dad used to own a bakery and it smelled divine. I've only ever made bread myself about three times, each time more of a disaster than the previous, but the smell in the house was worth it.

Cut grass. Cliche, but everyone loves it, no?

The smell when you get off a plane and smell a new country for the first time. I love that, when you get out of the airport and smell your new surroundings. I remember that Amsterdam smelled like hot frankfurters when we left the airport, which is fine by me.

Nivea Soft handcream. Please can someone make this as a perfume?! I will pay MILLIONS.

What are your favorite scents, smells that you can't get enough of? Would you want your partner to smell of Whiskey and/or Tea? Or maybe a burger van? You know you want it really.

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