Does This Couch Make Me Look Like An Adult?

My husband and I recently celebrated a big-time first for us: we bought a couch.
Publish date:
January 11, 2013
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Lemme put it to you this way: WE BOUGHT A FUCKING COUCH YOU GUYS.

Bought it. No one handed it down, no one dug it out of their cobwebbed shed, and it's not a half-busted futon we thrifted because we had to. Granted, it IS pre-owned, but I have issues about dropping hundreds of dollars on brand-new furniture when there's so much solid furniture hanging out, waiting to be loved for like, a hundred dollars.

Maybe I should explain why this is a big deal?

This is a big deal for a few reasons. The first, and probably biggest, is that this is one of the most major purchases my husband and I have made together. I don't necessarily mean in money terms (it was $90), but in what it represents for us.

We've been married almost six years but have yet to live in one home for longer than a year and haven't come anywhere close to developing any semblance of a cohesive “style” for the places we do live in. We've recently dedicated ourselves to changing this -– we're moving into a larger rental space in a few weeks, and it feels like the Time to finally stick around one set of walls for a few years and see what we think about it.

Our son is also nearing four, and it's becoming increasingly important to us to have a more stable home environment for him –- you know, one that isn't changing every three to 12 months, depending on when our lease is up. We like our complex, we like our landlord, and we like the apartment we're moving into. Win, win, win.

So, buying this couch is kind of our way of showing ourselves that we're serious: we're sticking around.

Also, this thing is heavy as hell and I know for a fact I'm only willing to carry it up several flights of stairs one time.

Another reason this couch is awesome for us is practical: couches are bad ass to sit on. We've had them before -– first one that a friend's mom gave us, then a futon that we found at a church thrift store for $25. After that we lived with friends who had their own furniture to share, and we adopted a second futon for three months last summer before moving back to Oregon in July.

Since being here, we've lived in a teeny tiny space and didn't really have room for any comfortable furnishings. So buying a couch equals finally having some extra space that's just ours, and being able to live a little more comfortably in it.

I snagged this beast after about a week of checking Craigslist each morning and night. Y'all already know I have a love for all things Craigslist, but I didn't realize how absolutely exhausting Craigslist can be when you're on the other side and waiting to hear back from someone about whether or not an item is yours.

I watched in agony as TWO amazing couches were sold to other, speedier emailers for $50 each and then re-listed on the websites of vintage shops for $250. I gave up on all of the amazing (really, they were) free couches I saw listed after realizing that there must be people who sit on the “free” section of Craigslist just WAITING to collect more shit.

I went back and forth with people on prices, repeatedly inquired about whether or not the couch was living in a cat-free home (we have allergies in ours), and basically thought about nothing but couches and Craigslist for six days until suddenly it happened.

One more time, I desperately tweeted about needing a couch, refreshed the Craigslist page, and saw it: a couch that was both in our budget range AND in our neighborhood. Since we have a pretty tiny car, we knew we'd either be renting a van or carrying the couch back home -– and this one was located literally across the street.

I waited an anguished 24 hours to hear back from the seller about whether or not the ONE person in front of me was snagging the couch, and finally it arrived: the email saying we could come over and check it out.

We did, we bought it, and the dude even helped us carry it after I realized it would be challenging for me to do so. We immediately set upon breaking the couch in, and after one "Mary Poppins" viewing and lots of popcorn eating, it's basically part of the family.

We're still riding the we-have-a-couch-so-now-we're-grown-ups high, but lemme tell you something: If we get side tables for our bed, I'm really going to start feeling every single one of my 28 years.