Comments Of The Week: Easter Eggs From Frequent Commenters

Let's start with Most Upvoted and then I'll tell you what rocked my little world.
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June 30, 2013
Babeland, meetups

Hi, loves! It's been a crazy week. Let's try starting with the most upvoted comments and then we'll get to my faves. The comment with the most upvotes is from "How My One Star Yelp Review And A Tasteless Rape Joke I Made Got My 3 Months Of Drama"

The second most upvoted comment is from "IHTM: I Was A Campus Celebrity And It Really Messed Me Up."

I've always been partial to storytell-y comments, more so than super clever or witty ones -- that's just me! I also love getting "Easter eggs" from regular commenters. (I know that is not the exactdefinition of an "Easter egg", but for our xo-world, let's use it.) This week on Rebecca's piece about dumb baby names, og_cheeky revealed the origin of her Disqus handle (now please tell us about your cat in a rabbit suit avatar).

The comments on that post are fun -- there are so many names to name babies! Schemer would be a cute (if not too obvious) name for a cat, but it's better as a human's name.

The trophy is me introducing the Amazing Emily at our Babeland Meetup on Wednesday. I think the Meetup went very well. It made me feel warm and fuzzy to meet, hug, laugh with, and drink with some of you. Should we host more? Let me know in the comments.